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  • Contains:
  • Levamisole HCI 1.5 % w/v
  • Cobalt Sulphate……………………………………………… 0.382% w/v
  • INDICATIONS: Vernil Plus is rapidly absorbed and carried to all parts of the body. It is excreted mainly through the faeces and urine. After treatment most of the nematodes are expelled within 24 hours. Low levels act as ganglion stimulants and give rise to muscular paralysis in the parasites. Addition of Cobalt Sulphate results in the marked increase of vitamin B12. The intestinal bacteria may possibly utilize the cobalt to synthesize vitamin B12, which in turn boosts the growth process. When given small quantity of cobalt Sulphate as contained in Vernil Plus it puts on weight much faster then the controllod animals.
  • Cattle, Sheep & Goats to be given by drenching gun as under:
  • 5 ml upto 10 kg body weight.
  • 10 ml 20 kg body weight.
  • 15 ml 30 kg body weight.
  • 20 ml 40 kg body weight.
  • 50 ml 100 kg body weight.
  • 100 ml  200 kg body weight.
  • 150 ml 300 kg body weight.
  • Pack size: 100 ml, 300 ml, 500 ml & 1 Liter
Dosage Form : Drench (Oral Solution)
Product APIs : Levamisole
Therapeutic class : Anthelmintics Dewormers
Target Animals : Cattle Cows Goats Sheep


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